Dear Fellow labourer in the cause of Christ,


As you know, we broadcast your program on End Times TV free at no cost to you. We are not revenue driven and seek to do all we can to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our streaming channel End Times TV which is currently on-line, on ROKU and Firestick TV with other platforms to be added in the future which will also carry your programs free.

It is important to us to give as much exposure as possible to broadcasters on our streaming platform. With that in mind, we want to open up an opportunity for each broadcaster to send us promo / advertising videos concerning your Ministry and broadcast.

For a donation of just $5 Canadian dollars per month ($60 per year) we will air your promos / ads every day throughout the year. You can pay the $5 monthly or pay the $60 to cover you for the year and a renewal notice will be sent at the end of each annual cycle.

Please Note: You will be directed to Paypal after choosing one of the Donation links below.

Your promos / ads can be uploaded in exactly the same way you upload your programs and then they will be ingested into our automated playout system.

These donations will greatly help us to continue streaming and assist with upgrades and new equipment.

Thank you so much for your support and the excellent programs you send and may your work bring many souls into the Kingdom of God.