cross banner And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed
throughout the whole world as a testimony to all
nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14 (ESV)
Our History
In February 2019 two friends met for a coffee in a cafe in a small town in the South of England. The conversation soon turned to spiritual things and given our past history together, the question was posed…”what are we going to do next for the Kingdom of God?” We both recognized that the Church, for several decades, had lost its focus on the ‘real’ Gospel message, the prophetic and the imminent return of Christ.
Ray was reminded that he desired to start a prophetic channel some years before and Chris shared a recent experience when while sleeping he was awakened three times by being prodded in the back. Thinking it was his wife he turned to find she was still asleep. By the third time of feeling this prodding, he asked the Lord what this was all about and he felt the Lord saying, “end times, end times, end times”.  We concluded that the Lord was speaking very clearly to us concerning our mission, that we were to develop a channel called End Times TV without the usual business planning and fund raising because the Holy Spirit impressed upon us that this would happen,

…”Not by might, nor by power,…but by His Spirit”

Zechariah 4 : 6

By August of the same year we were given a free channel by our good friend, Grace Rendall and her Board of Directors at LIFE! Christian Broadcasting Network in El Paso, Texas for our first phase of development.
With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020 we began to embark on ‘phase 2’ of our development. Through a sequence of divine appointments the Lord opened up a significant door for us to develop a ‘stand alone’ channel to commence on the ROKU streaming platform and eventually other platforms.

Slide hour glass hour glass hourglass hour glass

Chris and Ray, who come from diverse backgrounds were joined together in a common purpose and calling in the early 90’s. They were co-founders of the UK and Europe’s first Christian TV Channel on Sky’s digital Platform now known as God TV. They subsequently co-founded several Christian television channels. Together they pioneered the way for the Christian Gospel to be broadcast into the Middle East & North Africa by satellite television which today has opened the doors for all Christian TV Channels in those regions; a little known fact, as they worked covertly to evangelize in difficult regions and pave the way for broadcasters. They are both passionate about the use of the various technology platforms to propagate the message of the End Times.  In their logo is an hour glass which reflects their belief that time is running out and Jesus Christ is returning soon.


Ray Cradock