Ray Cradock


Dr. Ray Cradock is an Ordained Minister and in addition to serving in the Christian Media industry he also serves as a Pastor and a mentor to Pastors. Apart from being in Church Ministry for more than 50 years, pastoring 6 Churches in 3 countries, travelling on missions and evangelistic work in many parts of the world; he is also a qualified ‘Family and Child Abuse Social Worker’. In his early ministry years Ray planted 3 churches. He has been in Christian media for over 26 years and was co-founder of the UK and Europe’s first Christian TV Channel called God TV. Ray co-founded several other Christian television channels. Together with a close friend, he pioneered the way for the Christian Gospel to be broadcast into the Middle East and North Africa by satellite television for the first time in the history of Christian broadcasting which, today has opened the doors for all Christian TV broadcasters; a little-known fact because they worked covertly to evangelise in those difficult regions to pave the way. Ray is a Member of the National Religious Broadcasters Association of America (NRB) covering more than 26 years and has been an active Member of NRB’s TV Committee for much of that time and continues in that position. In 2016 he was presented with an NRB Award for ‘Leadership in Christian Media’. Currently he is the producer of several Christian television programs and is the host of an interview program called The Bottom Line. His passion is to use media technology to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ across the globe.