Rational Defense Of Faith

RDOF (Rational Defense Of Faith) is a unique ministry that uses, science, philosophy and logic presented with high impact, powerful videos, animations and music to defend the Christian faith. Our videos are featured on platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play and more.

RDOF was created by Daryl Youngblood who has written, produced, recorded and mixed Grammy nominated music as well as 5 National Number 1 Hits, 9 top 10 singles. He was awarded “Best Producer” in Houston in the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards. He has worked with major labels like Capital Records. He has had placement and in major motion pictures from Lions Gate Films and TV Networks like The Discovery Channel & ESPN.

This is not your grandma’s apologetics. These are multimedia, powerhouse presentations geared towards students and Christians who are being told that modern science and philosophy has dis-proven the existence of God. These presentations deal with questions from a rational, scientific and philosophical perspective with powerful music and awe-inspiring videos. RDOF has had over a million online video views and the events are played at churches and schools all over the world.


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